Fred Syversen did drop 107 meters, and yes, it was unintentional. Fred Syversen was filming a ski movie Nuit de la Glisse with his crew last year.

A couple of times Fred Syversen skis very close to the edge of the mountain with over-a-100-meter drop next to his skis. While he was approaching the grand finale, the big drop in the end of the line, you can hear the filming crew yelling “à gauche, à gauche!“, which is French and means “left, left!“. Unfortunately it was too late.

Fred Syversen dropped the wrong cliff. Unintentionally he skied a line that lead to his 107 meters cliff drop. His speed was estimated to be over 80 km/h when he jumped.

Fred is lucky to be alive. A 107-meter fall is absolutely staggering. It’s incredible that he survived. Fred even landed close to the rocks, and he was buried more than 2.5 meters in the snow.

See the video in youtube.

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