In recent weeks, we at YokmoK have contacted several companies through Twitter to ask questions about their products/services. We are using Twitter instead of the normal customer service emails because those never answer, or you are redirected to 25 people, one after the other, to end up with no answer at all. At least in Twitter you are ignored… but faster. The result is the same, silence.

Many big companies don’t give a damn about communication with customers. They are too big to worry. They set up a Twitter account because it’s trendy, send out they press releases, a one-directional speech, and they feel happy because they are using the new technologies. Well, maybe we’ve been unlucky, maybe we’ve asked the only companies that just don’t care, but hey, we are talking here about @patagonia, @adobe, @dreamweaver, @Google, @ngadventure. Unlucky? Maybe, maybe not. They don’t give a damn anyway, so who cares?

Jorge :: YokmoK 

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