5077937133 0d32bcc82c z Travel to the Alps: Adventure, glaciers, and exclusivity in Zermatt

Let nobody forget that our specialty is trips to the Alps. YokmoK offers you adventure, glaciers, and exclusivity in the heart of the Swiss Alps. We make a luxurious proposal for you next November, enjoy a trip to the Alps in the quiet environment of Zermatt. For those who do not know it, it is a Swiss town without cars surrounded by 29 peaks of more than 4000 meters.

On this trip to the Alps, we suggest you discover for yourself the incredible sensations and the adrenaline rush that generates the highest cable car in the world: The Klein Matterhorn in the heart of the Swiss Alps takes you up to 3820 meters altitude.

If you like skiing trips, this is your great chance to live in the snow paradise. Let yourself be captivated by the 315 km of slopes of Zermatt and ski for one of the longest descents in the world: 13 km downhill with a slope of 2200 meters. Holy madness!

The town of Zermatt is part of the exclusive group of ski resorts that offer the possibility of skiing in two different countries: Switzerland and Italy. A trip to the Alps of those you will remember all life.

Enjoy spectacular Alpine scenery, with the imposing Matterhorn on a first plane.

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  2. petaqui dice:

    jo jo jo que gozada de sitio….me lo anoto para cuando tenga tiempo y dinero

  3. Pau dice:

    A este paso, te vas a hacer un especialista en los Alpes ;)

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