5117327377 7c7ee64df9 z All Lapland, a multi adventure trip in the Arctic Circle

As you know, in YokmoK we have adventures suitable for everyone. A clear example of this is our All Lapland, a multi-adventure trip in the Arctic Circle. This trip to Lapland is full of advantages, as it is spectacular by the scenery, but at the same time undemanding. It is designed for people who want to discover beautiful Lapland in the middle of winter.

In this spectacular trip to Lapland, we offer you the possibility to discover the life of the Sami people, walk through huge frozen lakes, drive your own Huskies sled, photograph the northern lights from your snowmobile, or practice cross-country skiing. It does not sound bad, does it?

It is a trip suitable for all audiences, although it is not exempt from strong emotions and above all from enjoyable experiences. For example, enjoy the unique landscapes of Lapland, declared a Natural and Cultural Heritage of UNESCO in 1996. Enjoy the adventure and discover the last virgin land of Europe.

A perfect combination of emotions in which you can enjoy the tranquility, the grandeur, the silence, the beauty of the Arctic landscape and let yourself be caught by a sea of incredible sensations.

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