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As you know, one of the few completely virgin lands in Europe is Lapland. There you can contemplate landscapes of immense beauty and what is best, in complete solitude. It is what makes our trips to Lapland so special, you are literally at the end of the world, and the feeling of detachment and freedom is absolute.

From this great spot that is Lapland, I have a very special memory, and that is why I am going to tell you about one of those magical and unrepeatable places called the Tjäktja Pass. The contact with nature and the views are indescribable, but I will try.

The Tjäktja pass is located at an altitude of 1,140 meters. Although it is not too high, it is the highest point of the entire route of the Kungsleden. You get to this marvel during the fifth day of travel, and I assure you that only for the views you are offered, it is worth reaching those latitudes.

Let us make an effort of imagination and place ourselves more than 200 kilometers above the Arctic Circle. It is a desert of snow in which only you are, your companions and the immense solitude. Also, the day accompanies and makes a radiant sun. You look up, and you see before you a valley of impressive glacier formation. The silence surrounds you, and the snow is pure and abundant. Few views can be so beautiful.

In addition to enjoying the views, the passage of Tjäktja is followed by a fun descent down the snowy slopes which is a joy. Then more reward, since you will have to cross that magnificent valley called Tjäktjavagge that we had marveled at from above.

Let’s enjoy! : P

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