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It is an activity that demands a good physical condition, although in general, it is suitable for all as most of our trips. Also, having fun assured, has significant advantages, as it allows you to travel great distances in a short time and snowy terrain. Moreover, above all, it is a sport that has an added plus for animal lovers.

For all these reasons, we have decided to include dog sled activities in our experience catalog. We have even created a tailor made trip for those who want to enjoy the wonderful feeling of moving through the snowy plains.

If you want to enjoy as dwarfs with this sport, do not hesitate to come with us on a sled dog trip in Norway Lapland, inside the Arctic Circle and very close to the North Cape.

On this magical adventure trip to Norway, which we organize from February to April, you have the possibility of ride your sleigh of 4-6 dogs and touring polar landscapes every day on a fabulous journey from refuge to refuge.

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