5282939061 aa79e0a9d8 z Edurne Pasabán, nominated adventurer of the year 2010

One of these references is Edurne Pasaban, who has been chosen by the National Geographic website as one of the ten candidates adventurer years. Among Edurne’s merits is to have crowned the world’s 14 ochomiles in first or second place, that does not matter to her.

Her first Ochomil was Everest in 2001, though she thought she was going to crown them all, in fact, it defines climbing as a hobby, as she is an engineer. Next spring will return to the scene of the crime and try to climb Everest without oxygen since it is the only one missing without the help of oxygen.

I recommend that you read everything Edurne Pasabán says about herself on the National Geographic page … and by the way, you can vote for it to take, with all deserved the prize to the adventurous of the year 2010.

We will continue to draw inspiration from your prowess to make travel and fulfill the dream of many people who love adventure travel.

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