At this point in the calendar, you are all thinking about tomorrow’s dinner, the gifts you are going to give and receive, and spending time with the family. However, since Christmas will not last forever, we propose an extraordinary place in case you want to think about the next vacation.

This is the Ice Hotel of Kiruna, the largest ice hotel in the world and located in Swedish Lapland. I will not waste much time explaining how fascinating this place is, so I leave you with this video directly.

Moreover, if you want to visit with us, remember that Kiruna is the starting point of two of our spectacular trips to Swedish Lapland.


Hiking with snowshoes in Swedish Lapland, 200 kilometers above the Arctic Circle.

Nine days between March and April to enjoy a trek for people looking for an unusual adventure, in which they have not seen Spanish people in at least the last 25 years.

All Lapland

Between March and April, you can have fun with this 9-day multi-adventure trip in the Arctic Circle. A spectacular and undemanding trip, for people wanting to discover Lapland in winter.

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