Contemplate the aurora borealis in Abisko

The extreme northern latitude, above the Arctic Circle, has blessed Lapland with equally extreme light phenomena. On our trips to Lapland, we are always lucky to stare at them and to keep our mouths open.

These world-famous events annually attract thousands of travelers from all over the planet. However, the atmosphere is always very calm and respectful with the natural environment. Do not expect crowds, do not go with Lapland style.

Aurora Borealis is the name given to the game of celestial lights caused by an electromagnetic phenomenon that occurs when the charged particles from the sun collide with the magnetic field of the earth. The light show is incredible, can not be explained in words.

Although the phenomenon of the Aurora Borealis can be observed more clearly during the route of the Kungsleden or in the nights of All Laponia, now also the possibility exists to contemplate the phenomenon in Aurora Skystation of Abisko.

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