While you are thinking the clever phrases for our Valentine Day’s contest, let’s go with a little history about YokmoK. Many of you ask us the origin of our name, so we are going to reveal the mystery.

The name of YokmoK comes from the Swedish town of Jokkmokk. It is a population that is located in Swedish Lapland, about 200 kilometers from Kiruna. In Jokkmokk the traditions of the Sami people are deeply rooted.

The most celebrated event of Jokkmokk is its traditional winter market, which this year reaches the 406 edition, and where the Sami culture plays a fundamental role. Here we leave you with a beautiful video of the winter market of Jokkmokk that we have discovered on Sweden’s Facebook page.

Among the curiosities of the winter festival in Jokkmokk are its low temperatures, since it can reach -40º C. In return, you can enjoy crafts, gastronomy and Sami dances. Just like the traditional reindeer race.

Now you know a little more about this locality of Lapland and the origin of our name.

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