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The Tour of Mont Blanc is hiking heaven. Every lover of adventure travel treasures it as one of those precious feats you tend to tell your grandchildren.

Even so, within the mountaineering scene, the Tour of Mont Blanc is regarded as the most popular trek in Europe. The reasons are obvious — the beauty of the Alpine landscapes and the magnificence of the route are unquestionable.

Personally, this is the trek we most enjoy during the summer. You can come with us on this incredible trip to the Alps between July 17th and the 28th, or if you prefer from the 20th to the 31st of August.

The Tour of Mont Blanc route is a hiker’s dream. It’s a 170 km trek through the Swiss, French, and Italian Alps. Along the way we cross ten mountain passes, and we have the good fortune of viewing up to 40 glaciers that slope down from the summit.

The star of this wonderful trip to the Alps is the Mont Blanc massif, the highest mountain range in Europe, having 400 summits of eternal snow and ice.

It’s a treat for us to have the chance to guide you along the least crowded trails of the Tour of Mont Blanc and have you admire Alpine landscapes that you had only dreamed of until now.

Is this hiking heaven, or what?

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