Today we bring you a new chapter Adventurer health. The article features the signature of people active mind, exercise specialists to health. Let’s learn a little more about cycling and health benefits.

Bicycles are not just for summer

One thing that has good weather is more fancy take the bike, so this time we begin to speak of this medium as an option of enjoyment, training or just travel.

Did you know that the nineteenth century was instrumental in the development of this invention? In its evolution he contributed JB Dunlopwho invented the rubber and a chamber within this inflated with air, thereby further ground adaptation was achieved and vibrations of wheels rubber entirely avoided. Today that system is still used.

Bicycle types

The evolution of this vehicle continued along the used new materials and new technologies for comfort and need expertise in a given time. Of all different types of bikes that will come forth below:

  • Road bike or cycling: developed as a sport, road cycling has been closely related to all technical improvements that have resulted in a bike designed for speed in open spaces (road) or closed (track).
  • Mountain bike or MTB (mountain bike) was born in the sports field but in no time be extended due to its variety of uses, as it can be used for many types of terrain it is rugged and through its gearshift it adapts to the cadence needed. It is the type of bike more prepared for an adventure.
  • Urban bike: designed to move within a population. In Spain more and more cities that promote this type of displacement. Of note is the case of Barcelona as a pioneer in adapting the Biking system as a service to citizens.
  • Bicycle for long distances or tourism: Designed especially for greater stability and comfort, with room for front and rear panniers. It contains all the technical advances of the past but adapted for cycling.

human Motor

In front of other vehicles, is the most economical, inexpensive, efficient and fast for short distances medium, and apart from not pollute, gives us greater autonomy.

It should be borne in mind that is powered by the same person driving it means that their movement depends on the force exerted on the saddle, handlebars and pedals majority.

The legs move pedals circular (although their elliptical dishes) maintaining an up-down cyclic movement of contraction-relaxation through an inertial pedaling. This application of force will always be helped by factors such as seat position, the foot on the pedal and strength exercise with arms on the handlebars.

Tips for cycling

Finally, without getting specifically on technical aspects on which more later, we believe it is important to consider:

    • Comfort above all
    • Feel stable and safe to pedal properly.
    • Use the downswing to propel the pedal while ascending is carried away by the movement of the opposite leg.
  • And if you’re planning to buy you a bicycle, be sure to be clear so that you use. As we have seen, is not the same design prepared to hold 6 or 7 hours pedaling in the most convenient way to try to make a tour of trails in the shortest possible time.





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