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We love to travel and we love photography, so we could not stop sharing this interesting, and already mythical, initiative of National Geographic Traveler. This is his contest of travel photos, or as the Anglo-Saxons would say, Photo Contest.

The deadline to present your images began yesterday, and will conclude on July 11. Without going any further, 11,000 images of 3,700 traveling photographers were presented last year.

The photographs you present will compete in four categories: portraits, exteriors, essence of the place and spontaneous moments. To participate in the contest you must pay $ 10 per photo if you present the images until June 27, and 15 if you do after those dates.

The winning images will be published in National Geographic’s travel magazine and the winners will enjoy some incredible photography trips to dream about.

The photo you see in this post is one of last year’s winners. Cheer up!

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