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From the 1st to the 8th of September we will make a very special expedition to the Alps. Is about Tour of Mont Blanc Express, 8 intense trekking days that you can hardly forget.

As you well know, the Mont Blanc Tour has become by its own merits in the most popular trek in Europe. It is considered as one of the most beautiful and spectacular circuits in the world, and it has no shortage of reasons.

The Mont Blanc Tour is a 170 km trek through the Swiss, French, and Italian Alps, through 10 mountain passes, and admiring 40 glaciers that descend from the summits.

The Mont Blanc Express Tour is the short version of our Tour of the Mont Blanc Integral. It is an adventure trip to the Alps specially designed for adventurers who do not have 12 days.

The difference is that there is use of cable cars and buses, although the trek goes through the same spectacular landscapes. You will not miss out on the beauty of this alpine paradise.

Enjoy the Mont Blanc Express Tour, 8 intense days of trekking in which our expert mountain guides will take you along the less crowded trails.

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