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Today we are going to recommend you a reading. A book of mountaineering that has Edurne Pasabán as protagonist and that is titled Fourteen times eight thousand.

This is not the first time we have mentioned Edurne in this blog. We pay tribute when we quote five mountaineers who broke barriers or when it was nominated as adventurer of the year 2010. For those of us who like mountain and adventure travel  is an inescapable reference.

Edurne Pasabán, With the collaboration of Josep Maria Pinto, has made white on black one of the greatest achievements in the history of mountaineering, since she was the first woman in the world who managed to crown the fourteen eight thousand of the planet.

The alpinist recounts in this book how she has influenced in her this gesture, to live and to work always to the limit of its possibilities.

However, Edurne’s love story with the mountain is best, and as in all love stories there is passion, joy, happiness … but also suffering, personal losses, disappointments and resignations..

It is a very personal book, human, where he tells his experience, his life in the mountains, his anecdotes and his personal analysis of all that this brutal adventure has behaved, a story from which you can extract values that are perfectly applicable to any activity in life: effort, sacrifice, preparation, training and concentration.

We recommend it.


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