5636977473 9cdc50e152 z The Alps, the perfect destination for the summer holidays

Today we have half of the country thinking about the Easter holidays and the other in the final of the Copa del Rey. However, summer is inexorably approaching and is an excellent time to hire an adventure trip to the Alps. The objective is the deserved summer break and some strong emotions, because one thing is not at odds with the other.

Why start looking at summer vacations already? What do the Alps have no other destination? Here are six good reasons.

Adventure Travel for Everyone

Singles, couples, families, groups, whatever your situation we have an adventure trip to the Alps to suit you. The Alps deserve to be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of your personal situation.

Life quality

The facilities, safety and quality of life of the Alps area is unbeatable. Here you come to enjoy and have fun, leave the problems at home and get ready to disconnect everything.

Enviable weather

The summer weather is very pleasant in the Alps, forget about the intense heat and enjoy a fable temperature offered by mountains and alpine landscapes.

The landscapes of the Alps

The Mont Blanc, The Matterhorn, the Mer de Glace … we are talking about the most mythical summit and glaciers in Europe. It is difficult to find a place of the world with such diversity in such a small space. The Alpine giants are never forgotten.

Personalized treatment and qualified guides

If for some reason we have distinguished ourselves is always to offer adventure travel in small groups. The advantages is that it allows us to provide a personalized and quality treatment. All our guides are qualified and will make things very easy for you..

And of course… adventure

Hiking, thermal baths, mountaineering, bicycle in mountaineering meccas like Chamonix and Zermatt, or in little villages unknown for foreign tourism, such as Leukerbad. Beginner or experienced, in the Alps there is an adventure waiting for you.

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