Hervé Barmasse | Exploring the Alps # 1 | Solo on Matterhorn from story.teller on Vimeo.

We say goodbye to this holiday with a truly spectacular video. You can see the italian alpinist Hervé Barmasse opening a new route, solo, on the south-east face of the majestic Matterhorn.

In this video you can admire the Matterhorn, probably the most elegant and most photographed mountain in the world.

But if you really want to see the Matterhorn, you can travel with us to the Alps this summer.The adventure Everything Zermatt takes you to impressive alpine sceneries, with a close-up view of the beautiful Matterhorn.

A hiking adventure for those with little mountaineering experience, with spectacular short hikes, because we think that the Alps should be accessible to everyone.

See you tomorrow.

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