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This 2011 is the year of Fridtjof Nansen. The aim of this initiative is to commemorate the 150 years since the birth of this extraordinary man and pioneer in many aspects.

We could simplify by saying that Nansen was only an adventurer, but he is not, emphasized in many fields, some of the most diverse as we will see.

This universal Norwegian is an institution in his own country. He began to stand out from a very young age as a cross-country skier, although competitions soon fell short and he decided to explore untamed territories.

Among his first exploits was that of leading the first East-West crossing of Greenland, a journey of 500 kilometers on glaciers with a temperature of -45 ° C. Almost nothing.

However, what really drove him to fame was the Arctic expedition aboard the Fram. Of this feat you have a book in Castilian of own Nansen that titled Towards the Pole. And that was nothing more and nothing less than his goal.

Nansen let the ice drag the Fram to the drift, and thanks to that maneuver it became the man who was nearer of North Pole in its time. The expedition, despite not reaching the Polo, was a real success in the sports, human and scientific aspects.

But Nansen did not settle for his sporting successes and as an explorer. He also had great success as a zoologist and oceanographer, and was a pioneer of neural theory.

In addition, he was a distinguished diplomat, becoming the Commissioner of Refugees for the League of Nations. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1922.

As you see a movie life. Since YokmoK we joined the year Nansen and for that we want to pay our little tribute. Men like Nansen have been the ones who have dignified the figure of the adventurer and the explorer in Arctic lands.

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