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The other day we were talking about that 2011 was the year of a character as interesting and pioneering as Fridtjof Nansen.

The coincidence has wanted that also coincides with another ephemeris very peculiar and that also have like protagonist to another Norwegian universal. This is the 100th anniversary of the conquest of the South Pole by Roald Amundsen.

His life is also worthy of the best adventure movies. However, this Arctic explorer will always be remembered on December 14, 1911, when an expedition reached for the first time in history the South Pole.

However, Amundsen’s feud can hardly be counted on without mentioning his rival, the British Robert F. Scott. As on so many other faceless occasions, there is no cross. Scott managed the deed 34 days later than Amundsen, although he would die with all his men on the return journey.

The difference between success and failure was that Amundsen moved in sleds with Greenlandic dogs, while Scott used Mongolian horses.

Amundsen sacrificed several dogs before reaching the pole so he could eat his meat on the return trip. In this way, the Norwegian-led expedition carried less weight and was able to secure food for man and animals.

Curiously, Amundsen moved to the South Pole with Fram, the same ship that had brought Nansen to his glorious expedition to the North Pole.

Nansen and Amundsen, two fascinating characters who share nationality and also commemorative year. You have more information on these two adventurers in the fascinating web The Nansen-Amundsen-Year. From here our humble tribute to these two pioneers.

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