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We come with a new delivery of the section YokmoK Reviews, a space in which we want to help spread projects or tools related to the world of travel.

We want YokmoK Reviews to be a meeting place for travelers where they can find useful tools and inspiration to develop their own projects related to travel and tourism.

Today we have a young project, but surely it will give much to talk about.

Reading and Travel: inspiration and literature for travelers

Reading and Travel, is a collaborative literary and cultural project. It has been started, created and powered by Iván Marcos, but has a large network of contributing bloggers. The aim is to unite two great passions: Reading and Trips.

This is an initiative that has long been incubating but that took a couple of weeks. Reading and Travel is born following a conversation of travel literature maintained in the past Travel Bloggers Meeting in Barcelona. Conversations between Iván Marcos and Lola Escudero of the Geographical Spanish Society and with Paco Nadal from El País. In a way and after talking with them the project comes to light.

Travel literature is a sadly forgotten genre in Spain. The idea is to create in Spanish a blog format that serves as a place where you can have reviews and quality knowledge about travel books. In Reading and Travel believe that a book still has the ability to illuminate lives, dreams and wonderful projects.

A collaborative project

Travel has always been through time as one of the fundamental bases for the progress and growth of the human being. Throughout the centuries the books have accompanied progress and have been one of the bases that travelers, explorers and readers have projected their dreams and travels. They could not think of a better title for the project than precisely linking the two verbs Read and Travel.

And for that, opening a blog is the best way to do it. It will create reviews of certain books, so that a repository of knowledge on the subject will be generated. Likewise, it will serve for the readers and for the society in general as a place of visit that promotes and motivates the reading and the trips, and all this by means of the travel literature. A project like this did not make sense to do it in isolation and so it has been thought that it was best to make a collaborative blog among several people. We believe in cooperating and cooperating with each other, and we believe that it is the best way to get him going.

Where letters meet with paths

In Reading and Traveling they want to spread some of the books that have marked their authors. Books are trips with imagination and heart to other worlds, in many cases they are the seed that has led thousands of people to go in search of travels, cultures, knowledge and adventures. In this blog many of these books are reflected and, in turn, serve as a repository of knowledge that will be useful for all.

But above all, it is a tribute to the books, to those readings that continue to invite us to dream, and which are the basic and fundamental raw material on which many dreams, projects, adventures and trips are built. That is why Reading and Travel begins, so that the words continue to cross paths, and so that with the magic of their reading we continue to take to those islands where there are no clocks, nor schedules, to those places where the Look of childhood that we should never lose. To that eternal and placid place called FREEDOM.

YokmoK Review

Reading and Traveling is undoubtedly a romantic project where the spark of inspiration strikes again and again against the reader. It is a tribute to those writers who have allowed many people to travel with their imagination, and a deserved tribute to a reviled genre in Spain.

It is not easy to launch a collaborative project of these characteristics, but the path becomes less complex when you walk with passion. The travel literature as a source of inspiration and as a refuge for the soul. We liked it a lot and that’s why we put 90 points to Read and Travel.

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4 Answers

  1. Iván dice:

    Muchas gracias a YokmoK y a Pau por apoyar la iniciativa, tanto moralmente como por difundir el Proyecto. Muchas gracias y a todos deciros que obviamente es un espacio abierto, una ´´ casa´´ donde queremos impulsar la Literatura de Viajes en español. Un espacio que sea inspirador para leer y viajar. La idea es ir creando reseñas de calidad sobre libros, y uno diario creemos que es una buena cantidad. Un abrazo y gracias de nuevo por vuestro apoyo

    • Pau dice:

      El proyecto es fantástico Iván, estamos encantados de apoyarlo y difundirlo. Nuestras primera aventuras siempre son a través de la literatura y de los libros de viajes.


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