5056452619 672147b04e z A webcam shows us in real time the summit of Everest

One of the greatest challenges for an adventurer, and also one of the most beautiful, is to contemplate Everest, the highest peak in the world. An experience that can not be described in words.

However, not everyone has the opportunity to achieve that goal, so every day alternatives to contemplate one of the most beautiful mountains in the world.

The easiest is to get to see the top of Everest from your own home or mobile. Yes, yes, it’s that simple, since an Italian research project has placed a webcam at the top of Kala Patthar, at a height of 5,600 meters of altitude.

From there we can contemplate the majestic Everest. You can have a look during the hours of sun, which in Spain would be between 2:15 and 14:15 hours.

But if you want to see this mythical summit live and live we propose a trip to Nepal in which we will make a spectacular trekking to the Base Camp of Everest.

Sign up to do the route that was traced in the day the Sherpa Tenzing Norgay And the alpinist Sir Edmund Hillary during the first ascent to Everest in 1953.

Our trekking is always done safely. We always make a progressive and responsible ascension, facilitating that the hikers always have a good acclimatization to the altitude.

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