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This 2011 has been a prolific year in terms of commemorations on adventurers. I already talked at the time of Norwegians Fridtjof Nansen Y Roald Amundsen But today we talk of Spanish Francisco de Orellana Because in 2011 marks the 500th anniversary of his birth.

This Spanish explorer and adventurer, born in 1511 in the Extremaduran town of Trujillo, will always be remembered for being the discoverer of the Amazon River and founder of the Ecuadorian city of Guayaquil.

As they say, caste comes to the greyhound, as Francisco de Orellana was a relative of other famous explorers like the Pizarro brothers, whom he assisted in his conquests and battles for the New World.

The arrival of the Amazon was long and tortuous. Full of ups and downs, deaths and fights. During the voyage were harassed by the Omaguas Indians, the Jivaro, the Aucas, and also beautiful women in canoes. Hence the name Amazon. These women described as follows:

Blonde, big and strong limbs, audacious and bellicose, courageous warrior who defended themselves from invaders with poisoned arrows. They were tall, with long braids wound on his head. They wore cotton robes and wool blankets with bright feathers, or walked half naked. Each year raided neighboring tribes, jungle inside, shouting and timbales battle, trapping the young men to turn them into slaves. After mating, the same as in Greek legend, preserved only females, teaching them in handling weapons and the art of war, and male survivors were killed or maimed.

Therefore, Francisco de Orellana was the first European to travel the Amazon River in 1541. You can read more about this explorer and adventurer in official website of the V centenary of his birth.

Certainly he had a life of film and appreciate the role played by the Spanish in the New World as adventurers and explorers in unknown lands.

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