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YokmoK owes everything to nature, we have great respect for the mountains and try to instill that passion for the environment in all our adventure travel.

Why we not want to let the opportunity to celebrate and remember it deserves The World Environment Day, which will take place on Sunday 5 June.

It has been demonstrated that governments should do more about it, and we believe that respect for the environment must begin the work of each. Small big changes in our daily lives that are at the end of the day will influence the planet and we breathe a little better.

We are convinced that these small gestures are what are needed for a better world. That’s why every year we contribute 1% of our profits to environmental projects.

Also this year, we have created the Tree Lovers Project, An initiative in which we want to plant trees to offset the CO2 emitted in shipments of our trips.

We encourage you to colaborate in these small initiatives that are important for a better world. For you it is just a small gesture, but the environment is a huge gift.

How wonderful landscapes has given us in nature. Let us be responsible for our children and grandchildren can also enjoy them. What will you do for a better world?

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