5836450420 dd807e95cc z The total eclipse of the moon from the mountain

Tonight will be a total lunar eclipse and we will be lucky to see it with vivid clarity from Spain. In fact, it can be seen from almost all over Europe, Africa and Asia.

This phenomenon has its origins in rotary movements, and the earth will stand for something less than two hours between the sun and our natural satellite, which is colored a striking red and orange tones.

The moment of greatest darkness will be reached at 22:14 hours in Spain, being the Mediterranean coast and the Balearic Islands, the best places to watch the phenomenon.

In this regard, we will advise you seek an area with no light pollution, and it is best to some mountain that you may know well and that is close to your place of residence.

It is important you to know the terrain, an appropriate place to orient it simple with less light. Do not complicate your life with cross country and find a place where the route is well signposted.

As for the clothes, it is clear that at night is cooler, but perhaps more importantly the premise of seeing and being seen. A reflective object is fundamental.

It is also imperative that you bear the front or flashlight to guide you more easily in the dark. There will be a moment that you leave the eclipse completely blind.

By following these simple tips, you can enjoy a total eclipse of the moon from the mountain with full warranty.


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