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Who has practiced hiking in the Natural Reserve of the Red Peaks known to be one of the most beautiful places in the French Alps. The views are stunning, as always presents some alpine colossus that makes us walk more bearable.

The Nature Reserve of the Red Peaks was created in 1974 and covers an area of ??approximately 4000 hectares. For this incredible place takes much of the Tour of the Red Peaks.

During the central days of this adventure trip to the French Alps is when we make a dive for the most beautiful Nature Reserve of the Red Peaks.

The first day starts very strong. We catch a cable car that goes us to the 2000 meters high. Without realizing it, we are squarely in the most spectacular of the French Alps. The view from here alone justifies the Tour of the Red Peaks. Prepare the camera and do not stay stone, because you will have before your eyes countless glaciers forming a sea of ??ice with the most legendary peaks of the French Alps.

The road can only bring you joy. Gradually we move away from the most frequented to get into the bowels of the Red Peaks. To round off a day dream, we spent the night in a shelter at 2350 meters, on the shores of a lake of glacial origin. The sunset over the Mont Blanc massif is absolutely great.

The path is always spectacular. Let surrounding the massif of the Red Peaks, in a very varied terrain ranging from grassland to snowy hills remaining ten months a year. May we encounter with chamois, relatives of the mountain goats, and the occasional marmot.

The fourth day of our adventure we pass the highest point of the tour, the hill of Salenton, to 2526 meters. Here we leave the nature reserve Berard to get into another natural reserve, Passy.

You still have time to enjoy this incredible adventure trip.

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