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Preparations for our trip are marvelous. There are less than four months and although it seems a long time, it is better to start thinking about certain procedures.

Last week we talked about visas for Tanzania and today it is important to address a very important issue such as vaccines. In most of our adventure trips are not necessary, but the case of Tanzania is different.

The first thing we recommend you to ask for an appointment in your International Vaccination Center corresponding. Call at least two months before the trip, because there are some vaccinations that need recall.

Mandatory Vaccines

For Tanzania Immigration Authorities, yellow fever vaccine is mandatory for travelers over one year of age.

For entry into Tanzania, travelers are required to bring the international immunization record and the current certificate of the yellow fever vaccine.

Recommended vaccinations

Typhoid fever, hepatitis A and B, tetanus-diphtheria.

Malaria and Tips to Avoid Insects Biting

There is risk of malaria throughout the year and throughout the country below 1,800 meters altitude.

Some tips for risk areas:

  • Avoid getting out between dusk and dawn as mosquitoes bite habitually during this period. If you have to go out at night wear long-sleeved clothes, long pants, socks and avoid the dark colors, which attract insects.
  • Impregnate the exposed parts of the body with a Relec Forte repellent.
  • Staying, if possible, in a well-built and well-maintained building, with wire mesh on doors and windows. If this protection is not available, doors and windows should be closed at night.
  • If mosquitoes can penetrate the room, place a mosquito net around the bed by pinning it under the mattress and make sure it is not broken and no mosquitoes are trapped inside.
  • Spray insecticides, use insecticidal diffusers (electric or battery operated) that are supplied with tablets impregnated with pyrethrins or burn anti-mosquito coils containing pyrethrins at night.


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