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We dare to say, without fear of being mistaken, that the Tour of Mont Blanc is the most spectacular trekking in Europe and one of the most beautiful in the world.

It is 12 days of hiking five stars, a delicatessen through one of the most classic and mythical routes that will take us to travel 170 kilometers along the French Alps, Swiss and Italians in which we will cross 10 mountain passes.

We have chosen the best dates to deal with this route hking in the Alps with mountain guide. The first expedition of the Tour of Mont Blanc starts from 17 to 28 July, and the second from 20 to 31 August. Both departures are secured and there are still places.

This trekking skirts the Mont Blanc totally, so we will see from privileged angles, some of the most important climbing edges, glaciers and peaks of this mountain range.

Another point to keep in mind is that the vast majority of people do the route in the anti-clockwise direction, but our expeditions do it just the other way round.

The most fabulous thing about this adventure trip to the Alps is to contemplate the spectacle that gives us the wonderful massif that gives name to the tour. As you know, Mont Blanc is the highest mountain range in Europe, but is complemented in a wonderful way with 400 peaks of snow and eternal ice.

Take advantage of the experience of our mountain guides in the Tour of Mont Blanc to walk on the less crowded trails of the Alps.

Some hiking vacations in which you will disconnect from everyone and everything. You will return with the fully charged batteries and the stress of your day to day stay in the Alps forever.

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