5689541839 e0f54188cf z Hiking and midnight sun in Swedish Lapland

Can you imagine hiking in one of the last untouched places in Europe? Do you want to enjoy one of the most unusual phenomena of nature in the world? If the answer is yes, come with us to Summer Kungsleden .

In winter, Lapland is an eternal white and remote mantle that delights the adventurers. Now, after the thaw, it has become a beautiful landscape, dyed with very vivid colors and filled with water and vegetation everywhere.

There are still four places to enjoy this unforgettable Trip to Swedish Lapland. The expedition runs from August 20 to 28, a time when the white desert has been transformed into beautiful green and blue valleys.

In addition, we will have the opportunity to contemplate the famous midnight sun. This natural phenomenon can only be observed in the most extreme latitudes. Lapland is in the Arctic Circle and therefore you can enjoy the sunlight practically 24 hours a day.

Swedish Lapland is the last virgin land in Western Europe and was also declared a UNESCO Natural and Cultural Heritage in 1996.

During this trekking we will walk from refuge to refuge, hospitable places nestled in fascinating landscapes and where we will spend the night.

If you need to disconnect everything and everyone, this is your trip, as most of the route will not have electricity, water or mobile coverage. An experience that you will remember throughout life.


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