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This week UNESCO has awarded 25 new places in the world the title of World Heritage. Among these are the Sierra de la Tramontana in Mallorca, or the Palafitos of the surroundings of the Alps.

UNESCO has the authority to grant this title to specific sites on the planet. They can be forests, mountains, lakes, caves, deserts, buildings, complexes or cities.

As for the Palafitos of the surroundings of the Alps, say that there are 111 places with vestiges of prehistoric human settlements in palafitos, that is to say, houses built on piles or stilts.

The palafitos are located within the zone of the Alps and in their surroundings, and they date from the period between the fifth millennium and the fifth century BC.

They are usually located on lakes, rivers and swamps. Of the 111 stilts, the largest group is in the Swiss Alps, with a total of 56 buildings.

These are buildings of inestimable value, as evidenced by the archaeological excavations, carried out only in some places to date.

The studies carried out give us an insight into the daily life of Neolithic and Bronze Age man in Alpine Europe, as well as their interaction with the environment.

If you want more information about these intriguing alpine constructions, you can visit the website of the UNESCO. From there we have obtained this information and the image of P. Pétrequin. We love the Alps!

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