UNESCO declares 18 new biosphere reserves

If yesterday we told you that Palafitos of the surroundings of the Alps, already are Patrimony of the Humanity, Today we have new news coming from UNESCO, and is that it has just declared 18 new spaces as a biosphere reserve.

These are representative geographical locations of the different habitats of the planet, covering both terrestrial and marine ecosystems.

These biosphere reserves are internationally recognized, although they remain under the sovereignty of their respective countries, and are not covered or protected by any international treaty. They are selected for their scientific interest, based on a series of criteria that determine if a space is included in the program.

Following the inclusion of these 18 biosphere reserves, there are a total of 580 distributed in 114 countries.

This year they debut, reserves located in Lithuania, Maldives, Saint Kitts and Nevis, and Togo. On the contrary, Australia has withdrawn the island of Macquarie, since the place is totally uninhabited and the existence of population is a requirement to obtain this recognition.

The new UNESCO’s biosphere reserves are:

  1. Lake of the Golden Arm (Canada)
  2. Biological Corridor Nevados de Chillán – Laguna del Laja (Chile)
  3. Mao’er Mountains (China)
  4. Trifinio Fraternidad (El Salvador / Guatemala / Honduras)
  5. Floodplain of Volga-Akhtuba (Russian Federation)
  6. Songor (Ghana)
  7. Ramot Menashe (Israel)
  8. Mujib (Jordan)
  9. Zuvintas (Lithuania)
  10. Baa Atoll (Maldives)
  11. The Berlangas Archipelago (Portugal)
  12. Santana Madeira biosphere reserve (Portugal)
  13. St. Mary’s (St. Kitts and Nevis)
  14. Blekinge Archipelago (Sweden)
  15. Landscape of the river Nedre Dalälven (Sweden)
  16. Oti-Keran / Oti-Manduri (Togo)
  17. Roztochya (Ukraine)
  18. Bura’a (Yemen)


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