The first afternoon of July arrives, which is also Friday afternoon, so we are going to share with you a very special video.

Last Monday, returning from Sweden, I managed to get some sleep on the plane. Halfway through the flight I opened my eyes and what I saw left me amazed, because it seemed like a dream. However, it was real. You were the Alps seen from the sky, an image that I will never forget.

The video we share with you today has a lot to do with that magical moment. It is the work of gregv, and in it we can see some of the most mythical peaks of the Alps, although seen from the sky. The images remind me a lot of my vision, because it seems that at times we are immersed in a deep and pleasant sleep.

The video was recorded in August 2009, so everyone who comes to any of our trips to the Alps this summer, you can enjoy these views in situ.

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