5934098688 dd6075bf34 z Hiking and thermal baths in Leukerbad, also in September

We recommended yesterday ten adventure trips for the month of september, among which was All Leukerbad, a fantastic getaway where you can practice simple hiking trails and relax in one of the most picturesque Swiss villages.

It is an adventure trip in the Swiss Alps in which we combine alpine beauty, with trekking routes and really fascinating thermal baths.

In this adventures trip to the Alps, Our mountain guides will take you through difficult routes in one of the alpine areas with the highest density of fauna and flora.

After hiking and enjoying nature, you can relax your muscles in Switzerland’s largest thermal center, which has thirty indoor and outdoor pools. The alpine landscapes seen from the water are idyllic. There is no sense of relaxation more comforting than being in a pool with the Swiss Alps in the background.

Leukerbad have a very special atmosphere. It is a typical Swiss mountain village that is hardly explored touristy and where people are very hospitable. Let yourself be captivated by the architecture and enclave of this locality, as Pablo Picasso and Julio Verne.

A trip to the Swiss Alps where you will go hiking and enjoy the thermal baths also in September.

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