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At this time of year we see how clothes and footwear change as temperatures increase, and as we also have more free time, we are encouraged to do activities that we have set aside for the rest of the year.

Along these lines we will try to develop some topic of interest in reference to the care of our feet and the footwear that we can use in summer.

This time is characterized by heat, humidity, and all the physiological effects that could lead to these two factors so important for our body.

Shoe characteristics in summer

To begin with, the heat causes processes in our body to be able to maintain the right temperature such as the vessel dilation and sweat. This must be taken into account when using a shoe or another depending on the environment, as they determine the most important characteristics that should have in summer:

  1. Larger and more loose than in the rest of the year since the dilation of the blood vessels of the foot increases the volume of the foot.
  2. Made of lightest and breathable fabric possible. Perspiration is the process by which the skin expels liquid in the form of sweat, so it is necessary that the tissue also let that liquid pass and at the same time does not cause the temperature rise of the foot.


That is why the footwear most used at this time are sandals.

Today there are sandals for all kinds of summer activities, and its characteristics make it a very suitable type of footwear for these dates.

As we said in previous articles, it is a shoe that does not completely cover the foot and exposes more or less areas depending on the type, this makes it have more ventilation but also that the skin is more exposed, so we have to take care a little more.

The fact that there are many types of sandals, we have to take into account several factors when choosing them:

  • Our type of foot and direct contact on our skin, makes us have to be aware of the shape of the sole and the material of the straps or clamping fabric.
  • If we use them to walk, run or play sports, they must have a more or less rigid sole (always have to allow mobility in the plant) and carry a support in all parts of the foot (forefoot, midfoot, backfoot) Well fasten and facilitate the movements that are made in all the joints without causing overloads.
  • If we use them to stand or move a few feet, the sole may be softer or thinner and we must be aware that the fewer the grips the more effort will have to make the foot to hold during the step, so always Advises that there are at least two (ankle and fingers).

Summer problems

Taking into account the mechanics, shape and structures of the foot, this time is very favorable for various problems:

  • We are more barefoot and the foot is more exposed to more physical aggressions (blows, wounds, burns) (referring to adventurer’s foot problems) and chemical (bacteria)
  • The materials that are sometimes used in footwear are of poor quality and produce more risk than benefit (plastic bands that make marks, anchors of poor quality that do not fit the footwear well and impact on the gait, or soles inadequate for the environment in which we are)
  • Many of the footwear we usually use do not have the proper restraints, which means that at the mechanical level there is no efficiency in the movements of the foot, but rather the opposite (more pains, tensions, overloads than in other times of the year)

To finish we encourage you that, as we have been saying throughout the rest of articles, take care of your body so that you are long time enjoying your adventures. Have a great summer!

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