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We have already spoken of Chamonix many times. We consider it our second home since we live there much of the year because many of our adventure trips start from there.

For us Chamonix is one of the world capitals of hiking and skiing, although it has little more than 10,000 inhabitants and an altitude of 1,100 meters. It is like a perfect base of operations to enjoy the French Alps.

However, we have not yet talked about a facet of Chamonix that may also be very interesting to the adventurer. This French town is a real paradise to buy quality mountain clothes at a good price.

Chamonix is ??bustling with people both in summer and winter. The vast majority are there to enjoy the French Alps, whether for hiking, climbing, skiing, mountaineering or any mountain activity.

This coming and going of people ready to be equipped is a claim for the main signatures of clothing and mountain material. No matter what your favorite brand is, it will surely have an official store in Chamonix.

As you can imagine, competition between brands is fierce, so we can find mountain equipment at a good price at times of sale, which is when the stores determine to get rid of their old stock in order to fill their windows and shelves with material from the next season.

If you are planning to some of our adventure trips whose base is in Chamonix and you do not find suitable mountain material, we recommend that you should finish your equipment there. The shops open every day and you will certainly be satisfied.

We recommend that you should make a budget of what you want to spend and only buy what is necessary. If you are addicted to mountain clothes, Chamonix could be your doom.

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