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It’s only a couple of days before we head back to Swedish Lapland. It is one of our favorite areas of the world for many reasons. Just to think that soon we will be in those places and a shivers runs through our whole body.

Let’s try to explain briefly why we are so captivated by these hiking trips in Swedish Lapland:

1. It’s closer than you think. Just a few hours by plane you have the opportunity to go hiking in the unspoiled landscapes of Swedish Lapland. There is nothing similar in Europe.

2. The midnight sun, without doubt, one of the most strange phenomena that nature offers us. Do not forget the antifaces if you find it difficult to fall asleep, although by contrast you have a spectacular light for photography.

3. Fellowship with capital letters. For nine days teamwork and camaraderie are encouraged. We start being complete strangers and end up being friends.

4. Know the Sami culture. They are the first inhabitants of Lapland and have a lifestyle in which love for nature is a very deep feeling.

5. Swedish saunas. After the walks, the fact of being able to relax the muscles in the saunas is very comforting. Bring a cold beer.

6. Hiking of little difficulty. Lonely roads and wild nature in pure state. Dream valleys and pristine lakes are the usual tonic in this beautiful and simple route.

7. Total disconnection. Stress remains at home and with it, telephones, internet, electricity and running water. There is no more pleasurable therapy.

8. A real adventure trip. Experience the exploits of the explorers of yesteryear. Welcome to the Arctic Circle.

9. Silence is absolute, the sensation of freedom indescribable. This is the end of the world and cannot be explained in words. You have to live it.

10. The camera is a must. The landscapes are beautiful, typical of film.

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