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Jet lag is one of the biggest nightmares of travelers when traveling long distances by plane. In most of our adventure trips we do not have that problem since the destinations are usually a few hours by plane and share the same time zone.

However, some of our advice is:

• Acclimate to the schedule of our destination with days in advance.

• Try to get some sunlight upon arriving at the chosen place. If it is to the west you´d better get the afternoon sun, if it is to the east  you´d better get the morning sun then.

• Get a good night’s sleep before starting the trip.

• Adapt all your meal times and sleeping hours to those of the destination from the moment you arrive.

• During the flight you should try to be as comfortable as possible, hydrate yourself, do not drink alcohol and adapt the hours of sleep to those of your destination.

• If jet lag affects you too much at destination, treat it with melatonin. Of course, it is advisable to go to the doctor to evaluate the treatment.

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