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In October we return to one of our most spectacular winter adventure trips, the hike to Everest Base Camp. It is one of the dreams of any hiker, no doubt, the most fantastic and unforgettable trekking of your life as well as Annapurna.

When we are in the mountain we will make a progressive and responsible ascension, facilitating a good acclimatization to the altitude, always accompanied by an experienced local guide along with a YokmoK guide.

However on the journey of this adventure trip to Nepal, there is also time to enjoy the chaotic and incredible Kathmandu.

It is a mystical city that does not leave anyone indifferent and it is also very welcoming with travelers. So that start making up your mind, we are going to design an itinerary with the sites which are highly recommended to see in the capital of Nepal.


It probably has the best views of Kathmandu and one of the most beautiful architectural complexes in the city. The stupa of Swayambhunath or Temple of the Apes along with the pilgrim ladders are the most eye-catching sites. Good places to buy a souvenir.

Kathmandu Durbar Square

It is the heart of Kathmandu, it is full of temples, statues and magnificent Newari buildings. Its atmosphere is the best of the city, especially when the market stands open up. A good place to sit and watch people go by or to have an Everest beer.

Kumari Ghar

Beautiful palace of newari architecture where the living goddess Kumari inhabits. She usually stumbles shyly out the window to greet the tourists.


The stupa in the Tibetan quarter of Kathmandu is impressive, one of the largest in the world. The area is full of pilgrims and Buddhist monasteries. Simply spectacular.


It is the most important Hindu temple in Kathmandu. Although foreigners are now allowed to enter, it is a great place to see cremation and funeral rites. You can do it from the other side of the river Bagmati.

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