5083558661 3755e7a786 z Hiking in the Sahara, know the dunes of Chegaga and the valley of the Draa

This trekking trip in the Sahara by the Dunes of Chegaga and the Draa Valley is truly fascinating and surprises even the most experienced travelers.

Why do we think you will like this adventure trip in Morocco? Here are a few compelling reasons:

1. It is a destination that is closer than you think. From Spain there are many direct flights to Marrakech, which is where our expedition departs. An amazing adventure just a few hours by plane.

2. There is nothing comparable to spending a night in the desert. Stars cannot be seen better anywhere else in the world.

3. Teamwork and fellowship, the Sahara desert unites. In addition to hiking, the good atmosphere is a great reason to make this adventure trip.

4. You will be able to know the lifestyle of the Bereber ethnic group, better known as Imazighen or free men.

5. Trekking through the Sahara and accompanied by dromedaries is of great quality. You will see the old African caravan routes firsthand.

6. Disconnect from all and everything, a trip without telephone, internet, electricity or running water.

7. A real adventure trip, the experiences provided by the Sahara desert are incomparable.

8. Absolute silence, feeling of freedom, far from all civilization.

9. Film location landscapes, classics like Lawrence of Arabia and Gladiator were filmed in this region.

10. Discover the most beautiful city in Morocco, Marrakech.

icon razz Hiking in the Sahara, know the dunes of Chegaga and the valley of the Draa

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