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These days we’re warming up  for one of our most spectacular Autumn adventure trips, the trek to Everest Base Camp, which returns in October.

Last week, we told you that during this journey to Nepal, there is also time to enjoy the chaotic and incredible Kathmandu and its valley.

To make things easier we will explain to you: What to see in Kathmandu? However, as we have some fantastic readers, a twitter follower advised us to go to a great place that is also very close to the capital of Nepal, Patan Durbar Square.

The square and its architectural complex is considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Its old buildings of Newarí architecture and its beautiful red colors are fascinating.

Patan is actually one of the oldest Buddhist cities in the world. Also known as Lalitpur, this little jewel was founded in the 3rd century BC.

Here you can visit the fabulous Krishna Mandir or the Hiranya Varna Mahavir, better known as the Golden Temple of Patan.

At Patan Durbar Square you will also be struck by the hospitality of the Nepalese. Check it out at the craft stands or taste the fabulous Nepalese food on one of their many terraces.

The trek to Everest base camp awaits… icon razz Patan Durbar Square in Nepal

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