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This summer we have spent in fear enjoying the walks through the French Alps and the Chamonix Valley. There are hiking trips, such as Todo Chamonix, in which we return to sleep every day to the same place, reason why the backpack prepares each morning before leaving and is not especially heavy.

What should we bring in the backpack for one-day walks in the Alps? Lets see it.

This summer season we have had a lot, but we are very lucky with the weather. Normally in the French Alps temperatures are pleasant in the valleys, especially in summer.

However, Chamonix, which is our starting point, is 1,100 meters high, and one day it may become cold if the clouds become capricious.

Besides, we do trekking by the mountain and the meteorological conditions are always unpredictable, more if someday we can reach up to almost 4,000 meters of altitude with the ski lifts.

The backpack should be small but wide enough to fit everything you need for the day, a 25-liter bag is more than enough.

It is important that in that backpack we carry water in a canteen or thermos. There are days where you can fill in, but others do not, so calculate the water you will need during the days of hiking in the Alps.

Food is also a fundamental factor. A good snack for the noon picnic, fruit, chocolates, energy bars … here everyone knows what they like.

In terms of clothes, we can go from short-sleeved to polar. In the backpack we must carry the above-mentioned polar, a light mountain jacket, hat and gloves, waterproof body and legs, sunglasses, cap, sunscreen and lip balm, and of course, the camera.

And needless to say, but from those trips to the French Alps you´ll bring along unforgettable landscapes and wonderful experiences. Our adventurers do not forget enthusiasm in the backpack.

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