Välkommen till AbiskoHe reads a sign on arrival at 9 pm this people of Swedish Lapland. The adventure had begun a few hours earlier when our plane from Stockholm to Kiruna could not land in the Lappish town for a very thick fog and we laid 400 kilometers south no less. After almost 5 hours’ bus to Kiruna and then another hour to Abisko. We were shattered and had not yet taken a step.

The next morning things looked much better, probably the great breakfast in Abisko had something to do. Before leaving we entertained some backpacks weighing on a scale. Some miedica did not dare to go through such an ordeal. Soon we got down to work and took the first steps Kungsleden, The way of the king of Swedish Lapland. We were 200 kilometers above the Arctic Circle, which is said as little. This is the land of reindeer, elk, absolute silence, the summer midnight sun, northern lights in winter.

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This hiking trip in Swedish Lapland would take us to the next seven days. Phones off, otherwise it would be nonsense because in these latitudes and in these mountains do not know what that coverage. Coverage that …? normal water, for what. Electricity, no man. We went into a world away from the world, a parenthesis of silence where the only important are the vast landscapes and the company.


Water flows everywhere, either as absolutely monumental lakes and rivers of all sizes and shapes. We were lucky with the weather and water above us fell very little.

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The days hiking in Lapland came marked by few hours of darkness, bright, powerful breakfast, cross bridges and more bridges, some chofchof in the occasional mud afternoons relaxing in shelters, including two with sauna followed by the corresponding bathroom on the cutting coldish river, hearty dinners and lively snacks where soon the donkey, card game par excellence prevailed. We had many laughs, some caused by the typical round of jokes just before going to bed and catchy endless giggles.

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The days went by, other good and better shelters, and the reindeer were providing hardly any attention to the amount we saw, clothes and boots were taking hearth. 110km and a week later we reached Nikkaluokta, Land of the Sami people and end of our trek in Swedish Lapland. To finish this big adventure, we get a good elk steaks and rest our bones in two beautiful cabins for us.

Lapland, there we leave, free, untamed, but do not dawdle we’re back in winter snowshoe.

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Gracias chic@s, ¡habéis sido un grupo fantástico!
Thanks guys, you’ve been a wonderful group!

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3 Answers

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  2. Teresa Martinez dice:

    Hola grupo , aún tengo cicatrices en el talón , dicho asi pareceria que el sufrimiento genera alegria y nada más lejos de la realidad, lo cierto es que ha sido un viaje cargado de experiencias personales nuevas y muy variadas y de sobradas razones para el despertar de los sentidos.
    He descubierto olores y sabores, mis ojos se han tenido que acostumbrar a luces y tonos, pero lo mas importante, una vez más, los componentes humanos del grupo .
    Cuando alguien regresa a casa despues de haber pasado por este tipo de modelos vacacionales, tiene una doble sensación, la de descanso y normalización de lo cotidiano y paralelamente la de echar de menos despertarte entre literas y personas que hasta hacia dos dias no conocias de nada y con las que tienes que comer, dormir, reir, hablar…….compartir, junto con la naturaleza y sin aditivos, las 24 horas de tu existencia, eso es lo que hace que todo el conjunto sea grandioso.
    De manera que una vez más la elección de este modelo de “descanso, cansado” sigue siendo para mi la formula perfecta y sobre todo si en el camino, que espero seguir compartiendo en nuevas aventuras, encuentras personas tan magnificas como este nuevo grupo.
    Gracias chicos y chicas por haber sido sensibles y por haberme permitido terminar una etapa que no habria podido hacer sin vuestra colaboración y apoyo.Fdo: Teresa.

    • Pau dice:

      Teresa no lo podrías haber resumido mejor.

      Para nosotros es un orgullo haberos transmitido todo lo que comentas. Esa es nuestra intención con este tipo de viajes, que os llevéis experiencias vitales y humanas.

      Un fuerte abrazo!

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