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This afternoon we bring a new installment of section YokmoK Reviews, a space in which we help spread projects or related to the world of travel tools.

We want YokmoK Reviews to be a meeting place for travelers where they can find useful tools and inspiration to develop their own projects related to travel and tourism.

Today we have a very special project and it has to do a lot with one of our passions, the mountains.

Cuspidis, the social network mountaineers

In the era of social networks it was impossible not arise in such an interesting project as Cuspidis. We know from experience that is enjoyed hiking before, during and after the routes and share it with friends is a joy.

In this sense, Cuspidis is very clear, and its motto sums it up perfectly “Like the mountain? This is your place …”

It is a social network of mountaineers, a website where users can discover and share routes, experiences, events, references sites and all kinds of information related to sports and leisure activities in the mountains.

In addition, you can create groups which manage activities and communicate with other users of this social network.

The value of mountain routes

In addition to mountaineers, Cuspidis is very focused on routes and experiences they generate. In that sense, these social network users can search, share, rate and comment own or other users’ routes.

Mountain routes can also be managed from the social network and export to other formats for added usability.

This is essential to interact with other fans mountain climbers, join groups or participate in debates and generate new topics for discussion hiking.

It also has many advantages other social networks such as event management, recommending sites and activities or share photos and videos.

YokmoK Review

It is not possible to speak ill of Cuspidis that brings together many of the values ??and passions we have in YokmoK. It notes that it is a project by and for mountaineers, with love and effort. It does not lack detail and retains the best of the thematic social networks.

In addition, it seems very practical, especially when managing routes and then to draw them in google maps, or see graphically the slopes of the mountain each output. Cuspidis, a project led by Isabel Mas, we liked it and so we put 92 points.

If you want to appear in this section, tell us what’s your company. Send us information about your project reviews@yokmok.com and we will publish our opinion on your startup tool or travel.

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3 Answers

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  2. Isabel Mas dice:

    Gracias por el post y por los 92 puntos!! Nos vemos por el monte! Saludos. Isabel

  3. Pau dice:

    Un placer teneros por aquí Isabel, nos ha encantado Cuspidis :D

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