A recent article in which it was said that solar flares are being longer and energy than expected have encouraged us to write this post.

The first consequence is that these outbreaks have caused on Earth spectacular auroras and we are delighted life.

Northern Lights is the name given to the set of celestial lights caused by an electromagnetic phenomenon that occurs when hitting the electrical particles from the sun with the magnetic field of the earth. The light show is wonderful; you cannot explain it in words.

There is intense solar activity is essential for us to see the aurora borealis, but should be given other circumstances like meeting certain extreme latitudes, that there is too much light pollution, and the sky is completely clear, cloudless.

Although we are in September, they have already been spotted spectacular auroras in Greenland or Iceland.

If you want to see this show live and in completely uninhabited places, we recommend that you go booking any of our adventure trips in the Arctic Circle.

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