On Tuesday he died at his home in Rome Walter Bonatti, one of the most celebrated contemporary alpinists. We were surprised that the daily and sports press has echoed the death of this myth of mountaineering. We would like the protagonist mountain outside more often, not just when something goes wrong …

But we turn the news. The purpose of this post is to pay our particular tribute to one of the greatest adventurers.

Although he did not reach any 8,000 summit on his career, his achievements were capitalized in the 50s and 60s Among his achievements include the ascension of the West pillar of the Dru, the north face of the Cervino, his adventure in the central pillar of Freney, its K2 expedition or climbing Gasherbrum IV.

Bonatti was not only a mountaineer, but an adventurer of truth, as he explored so unusual and inhospitable terrain like the Amazon or Antarctica.

K2 and the Cervino forged the legend

Of all the gestations we mentioned we would like to highlight two. The first was an expedition to reach for the first time in history the summit of K2.

The success of the mission depended on a very young Bonatti and the sherpa Mahdi, who loaded with six bottles of oxygen until 8,100 meters. Lacedelli and Compagnoni, K2 conquerors, field mounted high above and Bonatti and sherpa not be viewed camp at night.

Lacedelli and Compagnoni ordered them to descend, but with no visibility it was crazy, so Bonatti and Mahdi spent the night in the open in some impossible conditions for humans, but who survived. Nobody wanted to believe this version in Italy not to tarnish the celebration of the conquest of K 2. Half a century later the Italian Alpine Club asked for forgiveness.

The second gestation that we highlight was the ascent to one of our favorite peaks, the Matterhorn or Cervono. It was his last climb and wanted to fire a big way. It was the first solo ascent in winter and the north face of the Matterhorn in 1965.

With a career mountaineering legend, Bonatti retired at age 35 and devoted himself to journalism, position from which he has written numerous books on climbing and mountaineering.

From here we pay our most sincere appreciation to Walter Bonatti, an example for many who are dedicated to this. Rest in peace.

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