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Summer is living its last hours, but, do you believe that we are sad for them? No way. For us begins a season of adventure travel, that has nothing to envy the summer expeditions, you just have to give you a tour of the website YokmoK to find out.

The summer season we are about to close has been fantastic with hiking trips in the Alps in Swedish Lapland and Norway … to name a few.

However, we are working on the new season 2011/2012 because it is exciting. There will be many surprises that I am sure you love them, but we will make a small step from which you can enjoy in the coming months:

Trekking to Everest Base Camp and Annapurna

Another of the highlights of the autumn-winter are adventure trips to Nepal. Trekking to Everest Base Camp or to the Annapurna sanctuary; mountains that touch the sky, and people with feet on the ground; breathtaking landscapes and experiences that last a lifetime. That’s what provides the Himalayas, that’s what has Nepal.

Hiking in the Sahara Desert

A spectacular adventure trip to Morocco in the Sahara Desert. Hiking premier accompanied by dromedaries in the dunes of Chegaga and Draa Valley. Walking and sleeping in the Sahara Desert, away from civilization and with a clear blanket of stars covering you.

Skiing in the Alps

Ski trips in the best resorts in the world, right in the heart of the Swiss and French Alps. incredible slopes for snow lovers, vertiginous descents and an incomparable atmosphere that will delight fans of winter sports.

Nature and mystery in Transylvania

Beautiful landscapes in the heart of the Carpathian Mountains where you can enjoy pure nature and the possibility of seeing wolves and bears. It is also the heart of the myth of Count Dracula. That always adds some mystery and fun. Snowshoe hiking in Transylvania.

Auroras in Lapland

A phenomenon that has to be seen at least once in life. So you can enjoy both in Sweden and in Norway. We’re talking about adventure travel in Lapland as Kungsleden, all Lapland Or adventure dog sledding in Norway.

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