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Just got back from Swedish Lapland and look forward to returning. What does it have this region that can captivate you that much? Just in case take some notes of the dates of March 3 and 31, which is when part of our snowshoe trip to Lapland.

As you know the meeting points of our adventure travel are usually the airports closest to the place that we will explore.

For Kungsleden, we will be in Kiruna, our gateway to Swedish Lapland. It is a town of fewer than 25,000 people whose people respond to the nickname of “people without problems.”

Kiruna is an area of ??northern Europe very remote, but well connected. At present there are only an air route to get there, which departs from Stockholm.

However, today we will tell you about other alternatives, for example, how to travel by train to Kiruna. It is an option that is more respectful of the environment and it works wonderfully in Sweden.

There are three points from there are direct lines to travel by train to Kiruna:

  • The night train from Stockholm.
  • A four-hour train from Luleå.
  • Another from Narvik in Norway that has the advantage of stopping at Abisko, where we spent the first night.

For schedules and prices please consult the website SJ, Which is the main railway company in Sweden and also has lines to other countries in Scandinavia.

See you in Kiruna, where we will do some snowshoe hiking in Swedish Lapland, 200 kilometers above the Arctic Circle.

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  2. Purkinje dice:

    No se si seguirá existiendo, pero al menos en 2007 había un tren que partía desde Goteburgo e iba por Estocolmo y Luleå en unas 18/20 horas de viaje hasta Kiruna. También paraba en Abisko, de hecho estaba lleno de gente que iba allí a esquiar…

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