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Today first Monday of October World Habitat Day is celebrated. This event has been held since 1985 and aims to promote the welfare of the people in their environment and achieve more sustainable towns and cities and welcoming.

In 2011 the theme of the day is “Cities and Climate Change“, recalling that cities, although they represent only 2 percent of the total land area, are responsible for 70 percent of emissions of greenhouse gases in the world.

When we celebrate these days usually we make a critical join the initiative, although it will not be like today. We want to praise a city nestled in the Swiss Alps that it is doing well to find their environmental, economic and social stability. We are talking about Zermatt.

This Swiss town of less than 6,000 inhabitants, is located at the bottom of Mattertal valley in the canton of Valais in southern Switzerland. Zermatt is situated at 1,620 meters above sea level and has become famous thanks to its location as it is located next to the famous peak of the Cervino or Matterhorn.

Zermatt citizens have always been committed to respecting the privileged environment around them and for sustainable tourism. In fact, to prevent pollution in the town, no traffic is allowed.

Zermatt declared themselves unfriendly with pollution and fossil fuel use in the decade of the 60s of the last century, so travelers can only get there by train and the only traffic allowed are small electric taxis.


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  2. También tienes autobuses eléctricos y hay que aclarar que se permite el uso de combustible a los vehículos de emergencia, como coches de policía, ambulancias, bomberos,…
    Sin duda uno de los mejores destinos para los amantes del esquí! Su oferta gastronómica en las pistas es insuperable.

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