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Not long ago I recommended a book, so let’s get to work. The choice today is world explorers.

We have always felt a special fascination for the pioneers adventurers, those men who faced the unknown towards overcoming the human being. Sometimes serious risk putting their own lives.

In this blog we have already talked about some great men like Nansen, Amundsen, Francisco de Orellana or Fernando de Magallanes… we continue meeting more pioneers like these.

However, it has come to our attention this precious repository in which we speak “from the first humans who left Africa up to the first to set foot outside our planet”.

This book promises us discover the varied nature of such expeditions. “From a commercial interest to the colonizer desire, scientific curiosity or the missionary spirit.”

With world explorers know the factors that gave rise to the expeditions and technology available to the adventurers of every age.

The book goes on sale next October. It is edited by Lonely Planet Geo-Planet and its authors are members of the Geographycal Royal Society. We are looking forward to read it icon razz World explorers

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3 Answers

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  2. Iñaki Mk dice:

    Sin ninguna duda, los grandes viajeros, montañeros o aventureros son aquellos que mantienen vivo el espíritu de todos estos pioneros. Qué pena que ahora lo mediático confunda tanto.

    • Pau dice:

      Como en todos los campos, hay gente que lo hace muy bien y otra que monta circos, de lo que no cabe la menor duda es del papel que jugaron estos grandes exploradores.

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