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Fun and spectacular are more than guaranteed in our incentive trips for companies is Swedish Lapland. Empower your team with a dream program inside the Arctic Circle.

The new season of corporate incentive travel in Swedish Lapland is set in the last unspoilt terrain of Western Europe. It is the territory of the aurora boreal, the midnight sun, the reindeer, the Sami people; Of huge, isolated landscapes, where it seems that time stopped in prehistory.

Incentive travel for companies in Swedish Lapland is one of our specialties. We have worked for many years in the area and we know of first hand that it is a region of amazing beauty and with enormous possibilities to join a team or reward the work well done during the year.

In winter you can walk through huge frozen lakes, drive your own huskies sled, photograph the northern lights from your snowmobile, snowshoeing or cross-country skiing. You can also stay at the most famous ice hotel in the world. In summer it is a space of green valleys and blue lakes.

YokmoK’s corporate incentive trips are tailored to any business, regardless of its size. The objective is to offer experiences of maximum quality and originality, always personalized and adapted to the requirements and tastes of each company.

We combine incentive trips for companies with culture, luxury and lots of adventure. We work with the best hotels in Sweden and we have the most qualified guides to give you an unforgettable memory of Swedish Lapland.

Contact us and we guarantee the success of your business incentive trip in Swedish Lapland.

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