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In a couple of weeks, the party of skulls and pumpkins arrives, it seems that Halloween has arrived to stay, so we want to propose a trip to the heart of the myth of Count Dracula.

It is a trip to Transylvania with snowshoeing, an adventure outside of all touristic circuit in which you can visit the impressive castle of Bran, where it is said that the spirit of Count Dracula is still present.

I do not know if it will be necessary for you to bring garlic or wood stakes, although we do assure you that you will be terrifyingly well on this trekking trip to Transylvania.

For eight days we will walk on routes that involve little difficulty in which we have many possibilities of seeing animals like wolves and bears. Wolfman? I’m afraid that won’t happen.

An adventure trip in which we will travel the beautiful landscapes that the Carpathians offer us. We will not be accompanied by Van Helsing, but we will enjoy a snowshoe hiking trails in complete safety, accompanied by two certified mountain guides.

This trekking trip to Transylvania is designed to enjoy days of short walking although loaded with spectacular and sightseeing of great interest.

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  2. Un sitio sorprendente Transilvania, completamente distinto de lo que uno espera, pero francamente recomendable… aunque yo lo visité hace ya una docena de años y seguro que las cosas han cambiado mucho.

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